In 2016, Dan launched DM Photography and started his career as a full-time wedding photographer.  He has since shot over 600 weddings.

DM Photography now regularly shoots 100 weddings a year, averaging annual turnovers of £100k+.

Learn from Dan as he teaches you how to do this for yourself in a series of workshops, run throughout the year, in Crondall, Hampshire.

Social media marketing workshop for photographers

Marketing and advertising can be a minefield for photographers, but it doesn’t need to be.  Dan will show you how to take the stress out of it, making it easier for you to find potential clients. He will explain how to use social media to your advantage and demonstrate how Facebook advertising can be a powerful tool.

Talking from experience, he will tell you about how he first started promoting DM Photography and will then show you his social media campaigns for the year.  You will also have the opportunity to create an ad campaign yourself.

Dan guarantees that you will leave this workshop with the tools and knowledge you need to find potential clients, and take your business to the next level.

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REach your potential

What is covered:

·         Setting up a Facebook page

·         Using selling groups to promote your brand

·         Using advertising to promote your brand

·         Setting up landing pages on your website

·         Where to give your time for free to get potential work

2.5 hours in the evening starting a 19:00-21:30

Maximum of 5 people per workshop.

Food and Drink provided.

New date coming soon

Night time Portraits

In the winter of 2015, Dan introduced night time portraits to give wedding couples something a little different.  So popular, it wasn’t long before everyone wanted them!  They are now built it into each couple’s wedding package as standard, and feedback is always outstanding.


The sky the limit

What is Covered

  • ·         Gear required

    ·         How to use off camera flash at night

    ·         How to take multiple exposure night time portraits

    ·         Practice with a real couple

    ·         How to edit night time portraits

    ·         How to use smoke pellets in your photos

    Food and Drink provided



Date 5th March 2019

Strike a Pose

Dan has created a unique way to help couples pose in a more natural way for photos. He has used this system since 2014 and it works every time.

Posing is fundamental to getting good photos! Having a system in place for this will help you (and your client) get amazing photos during a pre-wedding session and on the big day of course. All wedding photographers will know that the time you get with the couple on the day can be short, but having a system in place will help you guarantee you make the most of the time available.

What is Covered  

·         How to pose a couple

·         The thought process and planning involved for pre-wedding shoots and wedding days

·         How to deliver amazing photos in limited time

·         How to edit and deliver a session



New date coming soon

Food and Drink Provided


Dream Big!