A Day with Dan

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Ever dreamt of shooting wedding as a full time career? 5 years ago that was my dream! I wanted to be a full time wedding photographer but I had no idea where to start. I understood photography and I could take great photos but did not know anything about how to run a buinsess and find potential brides.

But today I am running DM Photography. We shoot over 100+ wedding a year and turning over over £100k+ a year. We have a full time 2nd photographer and editor and we are just about to take another 3rd on. I spend more time at home with my wife and child and I love my life! Find out how I do to!!

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A Day with Dan

I’ve always been passionate about helping other photographers and building community with other photographer. Workshop have always been something I wanted to do but not had the time to organise a big 2 day workshop with 5-10 photographer. And then I though about a day with Dan. This is a 1-2-1 workshop!!! Just you! There will be no other photography you get to spend a whole day with me talking and chatting everything business.

What Covered

  • Start the day accompany Dan at a pre wedding shoot. Observe how he create his stunning images and also how he coaches couple ahead of their wedding.

  • Then come along to a pre wedding meeting. Learn how Dan will guide his couples through their day so they end with the best wedding photos they can get.

  • Lunch will be provided this will be a time where Dan can hear about your goal and what you want to get from the afternoon.

  • After lunch accompany Dan back to his home office. Where he will shot you how to use Facebook/Instagram and advertising to book over 100 weddings a year.

  • Marketing/Branding and Website design will also be looked.

  • How to get that bride to book.

  • Contract/Term and Condtions etc.

  • Sale Tatics

  • The last 30 mins of the day will be open to discuss anything you want.


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