Confetti Tips After 500 Weddings!


Who doesn’t love confetti? A centuries old staple of the wedding. A beautiful, romantic and joyous moment for your guests to wish you well together by showering you in flowers… and hey.. at the same time… getting some awesome photos of it would be good too right? Well, here’s some things you probably didn’t think of. 


But What Kind Of Confetti?


There’s a really easy answer to this… it’s biodegradable, it’s easy to hold, doesn’t blow out of people’s hands, and looks truly amazing in photos… real flower petals! Your wedding florist should be able to help you with some offcuts and a good handful of the petals they usually have lying around! If you can’t get real petals, then the paper/fabric petals are really good too! We like the small dried flowers, however these don’t look as good in photos unless you have a lot! And, speaking of a lot… how much?

How Much Do We Need?


Well… as much as you can get really. The more the merrier! A rough rough guideline would be a big handful per guest! Paper cones don’t tend to be the best idea as people have to get the confetti out of the cones to throw it! A big basket is perfect!

Where Do We Do Confetti?


This really depends. If you’re getting married in a church, then it’ll be wherever the church tells us, some allow us to do it in the grounds, some say we have to do it outside the gate on the pavement, and some don’t allow it at all, in which case you can do it when you arrive at the venue! Most civil venues also have a preferred place to do it, but don’t worry, if it doesn’t make for the best photo possible, we’ll tell them! 


Emily & Rob | Audley's Wood Hotel | Basingstoke Wedding Photographer

As usual at Audley’s Wood Hotel, Basingstoke, Emily and Rob’s wedding proved to be one to remember! With a wonderfully early ceremony at 1130am, they had all the time in the world to drink, laugh, eat and dance with their nearest and dearest! With a delicious afternoon tea, followed later by a BBQ and then even more food later on, nobody was walking away hungry! Emily & Rob’s wedding was made even more special with the inclusion of their gorgeous little girl Adeline, who, let’s be honest here Emily… stole the show from you completely!

Wishing you guys and your little family all the very very best for the future! Thank you!

Lauren & Tim | Wasing Park Weddings | Berkshire Wedding Photographer

Beautiful venue, beautiful sunshine, beautiful people… ah, lovely. Lauren and Tim, it was a real treat to be with you to celebrate your special day and capture some incredible images for you at the awesome Wasing Park! And when it couldn’t get any better.. Tim arrived in one of three Ford Mustangs from Gone in 60 Seconds!

Congratulations you two, thank you for having us!

Hannah & Joshua | Trunkwell House | Berkshire Wedding Photography

What an incredible day we had with Hannah and Josh! Sun shining, smiles all around, with a gorgeous church ceremony followed by an awesome celebration of their love at the incredible Trunkwell House Wedding Venue in Berkshire! With Hannah’s loving parents, and Josh’s amazing Nan by their side, nothing could touch them!

Congratulations you two! It was a pleasure!

Catherine & Ash | Sandhurst & Highfield Park Wedding Photography | Hampshire Weddings

Is there anything more spectacular than a wedding decked out in the finest dress the British Armed Forces have to offer? I think not. Catherine and Ash celebrated their amazing day at the incredible Sandhurst Royal Military Academy, followed by an awesome reception at the one and only Highfield Park Wedding Venue! We love love love heading over to spend the day working with the fine folks over there, their attention to detail and care is second to none and we cannot recommend them highly enough.

Catherine & Ash, thank you, thank you, thank you, and once again… congratulations to you both!

Beth & Tom | Bury Court Barn

Bury Court Barn in Bentley, Hampshire is quite possibly one of the most beautiful and natural venues we have had the pleasure of photographing in, so it’s always nice to go back! Beth and Tom’s day was no exception! With the inclusion of Beth’s darling dog (one of many Tom uses for work), we had such a brilliant time with them and their family! The love shared between these two and the people around them is staggering to witness and it was a real privilege to be there with them all.

Let Your Wedding Sparkle!

Sparkler Photos!


Is there anything more romantic than a shower of gold surrounding the happy couple? Nope. We agree! And that’s why we think sparklers are a great addition to any wedding, although, theres a few things you should think about first. 



What type/size/kind?

18” gold sparklers. These are simply the best, they burn a beautiful gold, and last for over 2 minutes. They’re not too expensive on use code 5%OFFDMP The smaller ones may seem like a good idea, but by the time all of your guests have had their’s lit, the ones at the start have burnt out. Not good. 


Who, What, When, Where…

We LOVE sparkler tunnels that get all of the guests involved! Especially if you do it later on when your evening guests have arrived, it’s a nice way of including them even more in the festivities! It does need to be dark as well for the best look! Where is really up to your venue… some of them have rules about where you need to do them, so it’s worth asking! 


The Other Things

Just a thought…

It’s worthwhile having a metal bucket around to collect the sparkers after the photos! These can be found in any garden centre or DIY store. Another thing we feel we should mention is if your guests are completely, senselessly drunk… we won’t organise the photo, we need to feel comfortable walking through the middle of the sparklers to capture the amazing photos, and there was only 2 occasions out of the 106 weddings we did last year that this happened, it’s nothing personal, we just like to feel safe at work! If you can, appoint 4 guests (groomsmen usually work well for this) to be the “lighters”, we can explain to them what to do, but it helps if there’s designated people for it! 


Tamsynn & Mark | Milbridge Court | Surrey Weddings

Tamsynn & Mark weren’t going to let some silly little snow storm affect the biggest day of their lives, and we were so so glad they didn’t! While people around the country were stocking up on supplies, fearing they’d be snowed in, Tamsynn and Mark were at Milbridge Court Wedding Venue in Farnham, Surrey with 100 of their friends and family to celebrate their love for each other. Their wedding will certainly be one that sticks in our memories for years to come with the truly beautiful blanket of snow across the Milbridge Court grounds, making for some remarkable photographs for these two exceptional people!

Tamsynn & Mark, we salute you (and your family for driving from Devon in the snow)!

Hanna & Matt | The Elvetham | Hampshire Wedding

Ahhh this year just keeps getting better and better! What do you get when you add some incredibly cool people, and one of our favourite venues in the country? A day we absolutely will not forget in a hurry. That’s what. Hanna & Matt, all we can do is thank you for having us, and wish you the absolute best!

A joy to photograph from start to finish, with Matt’s teary moment when he first saw Hanna (he said he got something caught in his eye or something.. yeah okay..), through to a beautiful first dance accompanied by Hanna’s and her Dad sharing a dance, and the weather even held off to make for one hell of a February wedding! With your best friends and family by your side, Hanna and Matt, we know everything’s gonna be amazing for you in the future and we hope we see you again!

Congratulations again!

Hazel & Richard - Cain Manor - Surrey Wedding Photography

Well, what can we say that they haven’t already said down below? What an amazing day! We can’t remember ever feeling so immediately accepted into someones family! Within minutes it was like we’d been friends years and we can only thank you over and over for that Hazel and Richard! And your beautiful family! So… thank you!

Name: Hazel & Richard Millington

Venues and Date : Both our houses, St Peters Church, Cain Manor - 18.10.18

What was your favorite part of your wedding?: Hazel's - Walking down the isle to see my handsome man waiting for me, looking so smart! And showing him my dress which had been a complete secret until then! Richard's - Doing our first dance as we had a choreographed routine that we had learnt in secret and loved showing it off to our shocked friends and family that we can actually dance! Both - Going off with Dan and Cameron to Frensham ponds as we were running a little !early! and having a sunset shoot barefoot on the beach there!

What made you choose your wedding venue and how did you come to the decision?: After physically looking at just one venue, and many more online! We found Cain Manor, it ticked all our boxes, exclusive use, bedrooms for people to stay the night and most importantly the staff - they were so happy to help, were excited to be involved in our day, any time we had questions they answered them promptly and tried extremely hard to make sure anything we wanted for our day was available to us - including the tequila! The grounds are beautiful and we loved the cosy feeling that you got as you stepped inside.

What made you choose your details and styling for your wedding at and how did you get inspiration for this?: The main inspiration for our day was autumn, we met in October nine years before we got married and we both love this time of year and wanted to show this at our wedding. Our first date was to see the film 'Up' so we also wanted to include this into our day with our cake, the bottle tops on the tables and a phrase from Up is even engraved into Rich's ring 'I can smell you'!

Who were your other suppliers and vendors.: Flowers - Longacres, Rings - Goldfinger, Suits - Anthony Hirewear, Dress- Farnham Boutique, Cake - Crumby Bakery, Lights - Partylights, Casino - Lost Vegas, VW Camper - VW Classic Wedding Cars

What did you like best about working with DM Photography?: This is a really hard question because there was soooo much we loved about DM Photography. Dan and Cameron were not just photographers on the day, they helped the guys get ready in the morning making sure their cravats where tied to perfection, they helped the day run smoothly and they were just like having old friends at our wedding, putting us at ease in front of the camera! The photos that we have seen so far show just how talented they both are and we are so excited to see the rest of them! We had so much fun with Dan and Cameron and all our guests still now rave about them both now - hopefully we can send a few more weddings your way!

Bex & Tom - Gildings Barn

Bex and Tom’s day was one of the most emotional days of our working lives, a deeply routed love between a mother and her daughter, and a real connection with her husband, Bex wowed everyone in the room in her beautifully classic wedding dress. Along with this purest of loves that was plain to see, the whole day was just a festival of tears, hugs and laughs! Gildings Barn rose to the occasion magnificently and provided the perfect mix of relaxed barn and polished service! We even had our own table in the room with the videographers (! All in all, we won’t be forgetting this utterly magical day in a hurry, and we can only say thank you to Bex and Tom Houlston for letting us be such a big part in what was a massive day for your family!

Nikki & Chris | Clock Barn | Hampshire Wedding

Continuing this year’s start to the wedding season with incredibly fun and enjoyable days, we were at Clock Barn in Hampshire with Chris and Nikki as they celebrated their marriage to one another. The weather played ball with some showers exactly when we needed them, and bright blue skies when we needed them too! As usual at Clock Barn Wedding Venue, their guests were treated to a wonderful atmosphere, beautiful venue and some stunning food courtesy of Galloping Gourmet. Rounding off her evening, Nikki was an absolute queen and came running out in the pouring rain for some incredible rain shots and a brilliant party was waiting for her inside!

Chris and Nikki, we had a truly wonderful time with the two of you, and wish you the very best for the future!

Katherine & Chris | Milbridge Court | Surrey Wedding Photography


Planning a wedding isn’t easy, even when you live in the same county as the people and places involved… but planning a spectacular English wedding at Milbridge Court in Farnham, from the other side of the world is nothing short of a miracle. But, that’s exactly what Chris and Katherine did! From their home in Shanghai, they (along with the help of mums, dads, bridesmaids and groomsmen), put together one of the most wonderful weddings we have had the privilege to attend, it’s a shame Chris couldn’t do his job right and sort out the weather! Full of smiles in the rain, and a healthy dose of Kalm Kitchens magnificent food, and the day was nothing short of stunning!

Congratulations guys, and we do truly hope to see you soon! In England, or in China ;)


What was your favorite part of your wedding?: Every second! It was the best day, filled with so much love and happiness! Everyone we loved was there and we wish we could do it all over again! 

What made you choose your wedding venue and how did you come to the decision?: We live abroad so our Mums FaceTimed us around a few venues. We chose Millbridge Court as we fell in love with the modern barn feel! When we saw it for real, it exceeded all of our expectations and was the perfect venue for us. 

What made you choose your details and styling for your wedding at and how did you get inspiration for this?: We kept our details quite simple and got a lot ideas from Pinterest! Our colours were pink and pastels, which was lovely for a summer wedding 

Who were your other suppliers and vendors.: Emma Victoria hair and make up, Kalm kitchens 

What did you like best about working with DM Photography?: DM photography were brilliant. They captured our day beautifully and all of the photos are amazing!

Levi & Aaron | Denbies Vineyard Wedding | Surrey Weddings

Most people wouldn’t usually associate blizzards and vineyards, but hey, that’s what Levi and Aaron got for their day at Denbies Vineyard Wedding Venue in Surrey, and man was it amazing! Beautiful light snow showers throughout the afternoon allowed us to capture some of our favourite types of photos for them! One up from the rain shots… THE SNOW SHOTS! And wow, Levi was a trooper, running up the muddy grass bank in her dress and heels in pursuit of her dream photos! Denbies Vineyard staff were absolutely superb in making sure that all of Levi and Aaron’s guests enjoyed themselves to the full despite the weather, and what an absolutely brilliant way to start the year of weddings! Thank you for having us Levi & Aaron, it was a joy!

Nick & Chloe | The Stirrups | Berkshire Wedding

Well well well, what can we say about Chloe and Nick Higgins’ wedding… other than thank you! Thank you for making us feel like we were at our best friends wedding all day, hanging out in the sunshine and capturing your smile-filled day at The Stirrups Country Hotel in Berkshire! I mean… outside in the middle of the heatwave, not the best time when carrying cameras, but wow, these guys and their friend’s and family made it worth it! Such a sweet DIY feel, with the highlights of the singing waiters appearing in the middle of the wedding breakfast!

Congratulations you two!

Aaron & Keith - The Elvetham

It’s not everyday you meet two people who are so inspiring, so joyful and just such lovely lovely guys, as Aaron and Keith! From the moment we met them we knew their day was going to be something special, not only was it at The Elvetham (one of our favourite venues), but the two guys in front of us were just so deeply in love and happy to be in each other’s company. It really did make for such a beautiful day with them and their family! After a touching and emotional ceremony, thoughts turned to the wedding breakfast, held in the bright, light and airy conservatory of The Elvetham… and…. More Singing Waiters!!! Just… wow, Aaron and Keith, you’ve taken our breath away and we can’t wait to see you again!

What was your favorite part of your wedding?: Our favourite single part was the bit immediately after the ceremony, where they took us outside whilst they were organising the confetti. Our favourite overall thing about the wedding was that it was all about us. Not in a centre of attention way, but just that it moved at our pace. Everything happened when we wanted it to, and we were made to feel like royalty.

What made you choose your wedding venue and how did you come to the decision?: One of our best friends got married at The Elvetham a few years ago, so we had already been there and knew how stunning it was. We were slightly hesitant as many of our friends had also been to the same venue, however we used different rooms so it didn't feel the same, and the majority of our guests had never been there. The drive up to the venue is so impressive and continues once inside, plus it's about 5 minutes away from our house.

What made you choose your details and styling for your wedding at and how did you get inspiration for this?: Hours of researching online and using sites like Pinterest. We knew we wanted a Black & White theme but didn't want it to look dated. The details like kids outfits, sweet table, favours etc were all pretty easy. Our suppliers for stationary and the flowers were amazing at bringing what we wanted to life, once we'd met and shown them some ideas. The most difficult decision, which took the longest, was probably our suits. Being two guys we didn't know if we wanted the same, or similar, or totally different, and changed our minds numerous times, then on an unplanned trip to Guildford found the perfect suits by accident, and both loved them so in the end got the same.

Who were your other suppliers and vendors.: Flowers by Sarah's Floral Designs. Stationary by Elegant Stationary. Chair Covers by Chair Covers of Hampshire. Band - The Salvation. Videographer Daniel Mountain @ MountainVideoProductions

What did you like best about working with DM Photography?: The best part about working with DM was how easy to have around they were. They were so patient, but organised everyone for certain group shots and really blended in with our guests. It was like having 2 extra guests instead of photographers. They were great company and were excellent at helping us with all kinds of stuff on the day (like where to put my buttonhole, and whether or not to button up our jackets) The sample photos were emailed through so quickly afterwards and were amazing and we've received so many compliments from our guests as to how lovely the photographers were. Just wish we could do it all again!!