How it all began....

The Team at DM Photography have been asked many times to start blog g ing. Finally we can say our blog begins! What better place to start our blog then our first post How it all Began

I purchased my first camera shortly after my son Louie was born. Soon after getting this camera did I realise I loved taking pictures! This grew and in the spring of 2013 I did a practice family photo-shoot, it was then I decided to start my own business. I started doing family portraits and events and enjoyed doing that for a few months, I invested in some more equipment and made a basic website. Then I had a crazy idea, that I’d give wedding photography a go!

With no previous training and little experience, I advertised for couples to come forward to let me shoot their wedding. Within days I had my first couple come forward! Luckily for everyone it was a great success, and from the first pictures I put on my Social media, the bookings went crazy! By April 2014 I had shot 14 weddings!

During this time we had in mind ‘Providing professional photography services at affordable prices’

Since the summer of 2013 we have invested into more camera equipment and worked other brilliant photographers in our team. We all share the same vision for capturing the day’s emotions and events with passion and integrity.

We are really proud to have shot weddings in Barns, Stately homes, Churches, Abbeys, Registry Offices, Guild Halls and even outside St Paul's Cathedral!

2014 has been an amazing year for DM Photography, we have shot 48 weddings to date, been short-listed for Best Photographer in the Wedding Industry Awards, and we have had pictures published in the newspapers and judged photography competitions. We are also recommended at 4 different venues and run a Wedding Photography Forum. This all came from my first camera purchase to take pictures of my family.

We have 55 Weddings booked so far for 2015! We are looking forward to every single one, and the individuality each day brings. I genuinely look forward to every single wedding that I shoot, every wedding is different, and I try to make the photography unique as the event itself.  So what does 2015 hold for DM Photography? Who knows! But we can guarantee 3 things, huge laughs, great service and outstanding photography!